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Professional knowledge helps you pick out good fabric.

Q: How do you identify the fabric used in clothing?
(I) Perception
1, pure cotton cloth: The gloss of the cloth is soft, the feel is soft, the elasticity is poor, easy to wrinkle. After the fabric is loosened with the hand, it can be seen that it is obviously wrinkled, and the crease is not easy to restore the original state. From the edge of the cloth, a few classics and weft yarns were drawn to watch, and the fibers were of different lengths.
2, sticky cotton(including artificial cotton, fiber cloth): The luster of the cloth is soft and bright, bright colors, smooth and clean, soft feel, poor elasticity. After the fabric is released by pressing the hand, obvious creases can be seen, and creases are not easy to restore.
3, polyethylene cotton: Sheen is brighter than pure cotton, cloth surface is flat, clean no yarn head or impurity. The hand feels smooth and upright, and the elasticity is better than pure cotton. After clenching the cloth, the hands release, the crease is not obvious, and it is easy to restore the original state.
4, pure wool worsted woolen: the surface of the fabric is smooth and clean, texture fine and clear. The luster is soft and natural, and the color is pure. The hand feels soft and elastic. Tighten with the hand to loosen the surface, crease is not obvious, and can quickly restore the original state. Most of the yarn branches are double shares.
5, pure wool rough spinning: the woolen surface is full, the texture is tight and thick. The surface has fine fluff, and the texture is generally not revealed. The hand feels warm, plump and elastic. Yarns are mostly coarse yarns.
6, wool polyester blend woolen: appearance with pure wool fabric style. The texture of the surface is clear, smooth and smooth, and the feel is not as soft as the pure wool fabric. It has a hard and rough feel, and its elasticity exceeds that of the whole hair and wool. Squeeze with your hand and loosen. The crease quickly returns to its original state.
7, Maoqing blend woolen: mostly worsted. Strong hair feeling, with wool style, with a sense of warmth. Flexibility is not as good as Mao Di.
8, Maojin blend woolen: smooth surface, strong hair, appearance with wax-like luster, firm feel. After the grip on the cloth, release, there is a clear crease, can slowly restore the original state.
9, true silk: smooth and clean silk, soft luster, bright and pure colors. The hand feels smooth, soft, and light and elegant. Under dry conditions, the hand touches the silk surface with a pull feel, and there is a "silken sound" when tearing.
10, sticky silk fabric(human silk): The silk luster bright but not soft, bright colors, feel smooth, soft, hanging strong, but not as light and elegant as real silk. After pinching the silk face, release, there are creases, and the recovery is slow. When torn, the voice is hoarse. After the warp and weft are wet, it is easy to pull off.
(II) Combustion identification
Cotton -- close to the flame, not shrinking or melting. Touch the flame, burn quickly, the flame is orange and has blue smoke. Get out of the flame and keep burning. Burning paper tastes less ash and is linear. The gray is soft and light gray, and the hand touches can easily become powder.
Ma -- same as above, small ash, light gray, or gray, hand touch easily into powder.
Silk-close to the flame, shrinking and not melting. Touch the flame, slowly burn. Leave the flame and extinguish yourself. The flame is orange and small. A dark brown ball that burns feathers or hair, and is easily powdered by hand.
Hair-close to the flame, curled and unmelted. Contact the flame, smoke, smoke, bubbles. Get out of the flame and keep burning. Sometimes it goes out on its own and the flame is orange. There are many flavorful ashes burning feathers or burning hair, forming a shiny, amorphous black block.
Viscose -- close to flame, burning quickly, orange flame burning paper smell less ash, dark gray or light gray.
Polyester-Near the flame, first shrink, and then melt. Touch the flame, melt and burn. Get out of the flame and keep burning. The flame is yellow-white, bright, with a linear black smoke at the top. Special aromatherapy, dark brown amorphous hard block or small ball, with fingers can be crushed.
Procurement concerns
Q: What is the quality of the product? What is the price compared to the industry? After sale? Supplement, return order processing? Is logistics fast?
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