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Shaanxi Baoji Delilong Textile Co., Ltd.

—— Letter of Notification of Product Quality Implementation Standards

With the gradual change of people's consumption concept from perceptual consumption to rational consumption, in order to adapt to the changing market demand, in recent years, all walks of life are repositioning in product brand building and internal quality standards. Today, after the baptism of the financial crisis, all walks of life are more conscious of raising standards, strengthening the adjustment of product structure, stepping up and stabilizing their positions in the industry, and seizing market opportunities first has become the current major commercial trend and historical trend.

This year, the recall of Toyota's "pedal doors and brake doors" has once again sounded an alarm bell for all industries. Brands of all products in all industries are quietly strengthening the awe of consumers. Especially in recent years, the Zhejiang Bureau of Industry and Commerce has carried out quality test results on 85 batches of imported brand clothing sold in shopping malls in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Taizhou. The result shows that the pass rate of batches is only 43.5%. Thirty international famous brand clothing from 11 countries and regions, such as Italy, Korea and France, has been judged unqualified. According to the testing results, these imported garment products which have been sought after by consumers have serious safety problems, such as unqualified color fastness, PH value, formaldehyde content and other important safety indicators, which will cause dye shedding, destroy the acid-base balance of skin, stimulate respiratory mucosa and skin, and exert a subtle influence on human body. The harmfulness of transformation.

It is understood that the industry standard for restricting harmful substances in textiles, initiated recently by the Japan Fiber Industry Alliance, has completed the preliminary preparatory stage and is now in the early stage of release and implementation. In view of the fact that many toxic substances have been detected in imported commodities in recent years, it is expected that this standard will be implemented by stricter and more scientific means of management and inspection, and will be officially announced to the outside world in the middle of this year.

Once upon a time, foreign brands, luxury goods, with their amazing price, let the people look up to them. They used to have the halo of "high quality" and "exemption from inspection" and enjoy "super national treatment" at home. However, in recent years, the industry and commerce departments have intensified market supervision. The cases of excessive iodine content in Nestle infant milk powder, illegal McDonald's advertising, unqualified Sony digital camera and unqualified LV bag have brought foreign brands down the altar. Nowadays, more and more large international brands are falling into the "quality gate" incident in China, which deserves our deep consideration.

Our Shaanxi Baoji Deli Long Textile Co., Ltd. (predecessor: Shaanxi Baoji Chen Cang Deli Long Textile Mill) clearly recognizes the enormous loss to enterprises caused by the unqualified product quality and related indicators, so earnestly doing a good job of the inherent quality of products is highly responsible to customers, but also the key to win customers, my father. Under the premise of the principle of high quality and strict requirement, the company has been improving the quality and service of products for many years, serving customers with a serious and rigorous attitude and maintaining long-term friendly cooperative relationship with customers. We are willing to work together to win-win situation.

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