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Spinning broken ends can be generally divided into two categories: broken ends before yarn formation and broken ends after yarn formation. Today, T news agency is going to talk about the cause analysis of broken ends before yarn forming.

Analysis of breakage before yarn forming

The main reasons for the broken ends before the finger roller spins the yarn are as follows:

Fracture of roving

If the roving always breaks near the upper commutation, it may be due to the small twist of the roving; if the roving always breaks near the lower commutation, it may be due to the high position of the spinning guide rod; the details of the roving caused by the front spinning mechanism will also lead to the increase of the broken ends of the yarn.

The blockers have poor sense of responsibility, unclean cleanliness, blooming of trumpet mouth and empty roving caused by not working hard, as well as the broken ends of cots, coils and rollers caused by poor temperature and humidity in the workshop.