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As far as raw materials are concerned, the length, linear density and strength of cotton fibers have great influence on yarn strength.

In recent years, affected by various factors, the quality of cotton in our country has been declining in general. The Mark value of cotton is getting higher and higher, the fineness of cotton fiber is getting thicker and thicker, the length is getting shorter and the strength of single fiber is getting lower and lower. With the gradual popularization and use of mechanized cotton harvesting, the percentage of short fibers and impurity in raw cotton are increasing, which brings difficulties to cotton blend It has a direct impact on spinning broken ends and high-speed production, which should be paid attention to.

On the other hand, affected by the pressure of rising costs, some enterprises adopt low-blend high-textile or fine-lint cotton instead of long-staple cotton to produce varieties over 9.718 tex. Because of the low strength, it is difficult to achieve high-speed production, and need to take overall consideration.